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A fresh, honest, personal approach to all of your and your family's personal injury and wrongful death needs.

Welcome to the Law Offices of Veldhuis & Bullock. We pride ourselves on handling every case in the most professional, caring, and respectful way. The Lawyers at Veldhuis & Bullock handle all manner of personal injury cases from car crashes and “fender benders” resulting in injuries that don’t heal as quickly as a person or members of their family might hope, to major and catastrophic motor vehicle, trucking and motorcycle collisions resulting in deaths, catastrophic physical injuries, emotional and mental injuries and injuries resulting in Traumatic Brain Injuries, to life-changing and illegal wrongs resulting in persons’ injuries and deaths caused by state and federal governments.

We also help people in the areas of Professional Malpractice, including Legal and Medical malpractice, cases involving the Wrongful Death of loved ones, the violation of persons’ civil rights, protected under the United States and the Virginia Constitution and their laws in addition to cases involving defamation/libel/slander.