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How are Legal Fees Calculated at the Law Offices of Veldhuis & Bullock?

 Here at the Law Offices of Veldhuis & Bullock we believe that everyone should have access to justice and we believe in protecting every person’s constitutionally protected right to his or her day in Court. One of the ways in which we ensure our clients obtain access to the justice to which they are entitled by law is by offering our clients a contingency fee arrangement in almost all cases. A contingency fee arrangement is an agreement between you and our firm where our firm receives a percentage of the total gross amount of any recovery you and our firm obtain, whether by settlement, a judge’s or jury’s verdict, or some form of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. With a contingency fee agreement there is no attorney’s fee charged unless the attorney is successful in prosecuting whatever claim you may have. In the civil justice system in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the District of Columbia , and throughout the United States, the only type of recovery for injury or death is money. We, at the Law Offices of Velhuis & Bullock which we could turn back the clock to the time before you were injured or before a loved one has passed, but of course, we cannot do that. However, the Law Offices of Veldhuis & Bullock will zealously and aggressively use our expertise, resources, and every legal tactic available under the law to ensure your monetary recovery is maximized. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Veldhuis & Bullock believe in the Civil Justice system and believe that our clients and their families deserve justice.

The advantage of a contingency fee arrangement is that provides the opportunity for people and their families to afford an attorney and the opportunity and ability to utilize the strength and experience of the attorneys at Veldhuis & Bullock to stand up against the massive corporations, insurance companies, governments, cities, counties, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the United States of America, and anyone or anything responsible for the wrongs you and your family may have suffered. We at the Law Offices of Veldhuis & Bullock understand that people who have been injured face many financial stresses; whether its from not being able to work due to injuries, or massive medical bills. This is why the attorneys at the Law Offices of Veldhuis & Bullock are proud to offer contingency fee arrangements to you and your families, to give you the access to justice that you deserve under state and federal law so you can focus on whats most important: getting better and taking care of your family. Contact us today to discuss your case at 804-215-0019.

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