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Testimonials, selected case results, and peer reviews


Selected Case Results


Listed below are some of the past results that the lawyers at Veldhuis & Bullock have achieved for their clients, each case is unique and it is important to note the result reflects on the specific facts of a particular case and it is not a promise of the outcome in your case:

  • Obtained a $200,000.00 legal malpractice judgment against an attorney who missed deadlines and had an underlying personal injury case dismissed because of his errors.

  • Co-counsel in successfully upholding a $10,000,000.00 wrongful death verdict, in the Supreme Court of Virginia, where a young woman was crushed to death by a tipped over cement truck.

  • Veldhuis & Bullock successfully engaged in extensive litigation in federal court in the Rocket Docket (the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division) on behalf of a traumatic brain injury victim and ultimately negotiated a substantial (six figure plus) settlement against an American multi-national, multi-billion dollar retail corporation.

  • Veldhuis & Bullock fought for, and ultimately obtained, a settlement in the amount of insurance policy limits (six figures) on behalf of a victim of sexual assault.




I highly recommend Nathan Veldhuis and his Law firm for your legal needs. He helped my son and our family understand a difficult situation. He was careful to ensure we understood every step of the process so we could make the most informed decisions. His knowledge and empathy made the whole experience more bearable. He will be by your side the whole way.
— Maureen

I had an amazing experience working with them. They made everything very clear and easy to understand despite having so many moving parts making it difficult get an understanding of what exactly was going on. I would recommend working with them to anyone and am very happy I had such great representation.
— Anthony


Peer Reviews


Listed below are some reviews from other attorneys:

  • “I refer clients to Nathan Veldhuis because he works hard, can write very well (which is important…”

  • “Howard is very thorough and extremely devoted to his clients. He is a skillful litigator who fights for each and every person he represents.”

  • “I’ve worked with Nathan on several cases as well as within the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. Nathan is a knowledgeable attorney upon whose expertise and advice I trust and he is fully dedicated to his clients.”

  • “Howard is talented and professional attorney who provides caring and attentive services for his clients”

  • “Howard is an exceptional attorney and a tireless advocate for his clients.“

  • “Mr. Veldhuis has tremendous legal alacrity and natural ability, and his unique perspective and capacity make him a top choice for anyone seeking a finely honed attorney in Virginia.”